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An elegantly designed range of apartments with secluded location and only 10 minutes drive to the City Centre. Away from the hassle and buzzle at the city.

The Deluxe Suite includes attached bath and a common kitchen and laundry facility brings convenience to our guests for business or pleasure. It also includes a dining area by the fish pond.

The 1 bedroom Suite is designed with a living room and 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms Suite is self-contained with fully equipped kitchen and 2 baths each.

Added charm of the apartments are an outdoor dining with kitchen by the poolside on the rooftop. The apartments are surrounded with green completed with a Koi Pond.

Free shaded car parks are also provided for the guests with car. An in-house Art Gallery, Galleria promotes local artists and organized exhibitions with artist from other countries together with local artists.

Wesberly Apartments

(Wholly owned Prospect Equity Sdn Bhd)

Lot 2812, Block 195 Rubber Road West, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak


(+60) 82-246197

​ (+60) 016-8865278


(+60) 82-243521


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